Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stormy Weather

Cheyenne was ready to get out of the house and I took her to the beach which was lovely as I hadn't been here in ages, ever since she started to get weaker in her old age.  I snapped this picture on Niles Channel Bridge.
Cheyenne loved sitting out after she had tottered around a bit. A puddle splash was de rigeur of course.
This next week is promising a blistering cold front with cold nights and cool days once again. Rain and then cold, we are having a real winter once again and the Conchs I work with are excited about the coming cold. 
Then the ibis moved in, the quiet locally grown chickens of the Florida Keys.
Some forecasts are promising lows below 50 degrees (10 Canadian degrees) this week and the old is supposed to last all week. Cheyenne will be delighted, and my wife will be pleased too at the reduction in air conditioning use.
 The weather rolled in when we were at the beach...
 ...but my dog ignored it.
I took refuge in the car during rain squalls but Cheyenne just gave me the stink eye when I tried to move her into the car. 

A brisk rub down with a towel just as the heavy rain set in and we were off home. Very successful day at the beach and there is a good chance we will have a whole lot more to come this week.