Saturday, February 17, 2018

Banner Tire

I could not for the life of me find my own pictures of Banner Tire, which I know I have  as this place was an institution North Roosevelt Boulevard. So I took pictures off the web of this shop that used to be and is no more.
Businesses like people have life cycles and sometimes there is no one to pick up the reins of the outgoing generation. My wife and I once wondered for a weird week if our destiny was to take over her uncle's furniture store in the mid west as none of her cousins wanted to do it...We both were very fond of Uncle Stanley who had made a good living owning Hyman's of Rock Island, but it was not us. The Illinois institution closed when he finally retired a few years before his death.
Banner tire had an air of the 1960s or maybe even the 50s  about it, somewhat chaotic but always welcoming into it's dingy offices. There was nothing fancy here but they did work that needed to be done. And now rumor has it this building will be replaced by restaurants or some such. All very well but that only leaves Sears for a tire shop and their reputation is abysmal.
The closure of Banner is another step in the direction of the loss of all useful services in this city dedicated to the tourist functions that serve visitors and winter residents only.  I am lucky inasmuch as I live half way between Marathon where my wife works and Key West where I work.
I have a shop in Marathon I like very much for my tires so I found already alternative to Banner when they closed. 
I know the hole will be filled and in a few years Banner Tire will be a faint memory but I see this sore spot every time I come into town and I wonder how Key West can go tearing up it's own infrastructure in pursuit of bed rentals.