Thursday, April 11, 2019

Small Works of Art.

I didn't even know about the Small Works Show put on by the Lemonade Stand Gallery at the Studios of Key West. I was here looking for an entirely different exhibit but this was delightfully unexpected.
There are a 170 pieces, they say though I din't count them. And they come in all shapes and sizes and media. Apparently they have to be no longer than ten inches in any direction but they each pack so much into a tiny space.
 I wandered around for a while but I was unable to disentangle my mind from all that I saw. There was just too much!
 Collages and oils and photos and art in a box, it was all here.
 Not all of it made in the Keys either, not at all.

Some was easy to identify as being local. The label "Ft Zach Man" struck me as really funny, like a newly minted paleolithic era or something. And I recognized the type.

The collage sticking out from the wall was titled "Bending The Rules" the type of pun that appeals to me, a ruler and a bent wire in an arc. 

 Historical and sociological significance combined with much sadness and discrimination no doubt:

Like so many things in life the smaller the space the more intense the experience and these pieces of art packed a punch. I really enjoyed it.