Saturday, May 7, 2016

Big Pine Hole

Most of the waters around the Keys are pretty shallow, less than six feet which is good in the event there is a storm as waves can't build...but it's not much good for swimming as your feet easily touch bottom. Then there are places where people of enterprise have tried to build and their efforts have left behind deep holes, what were to have been canal access for waterfront homes. One such is the Big Pine swimming hole:
It was, I suppose too good to last because now the Free Press is reporting there are plans to make this informal spot an official county park. 
The newspaper included a graphic depiction of what is to come with boardwalks and facilities and so forth. On the one hand that will be nice and on the other we will see more encroachment of rules and requirements and so on. And there have been some few rules in place already, amidst the parched dirt and scrubby bushes:
I haven't been swimming here for a while, ever since we moved to a short canal with few homes on it, making it easy to swim in our own backyard. Nevertheless, bring a towel and a chair if you want and you are good to go. No boardwalk needed really:
The last time I was here was with my wife swimming and also with my dog walking, but Cheyenne quickly lost interest in this spot as it is not much visited by dogs an there's not much to smell.
I wonder how welcome dogs will be in the future.