Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bow Channel

A flat calm. Unutterably lovely.
Even the fishing monofilament line caught on the electrical cables gains a peculiar luminosity in the early morning light. Anglers like to come here and catch fish, or electrical cables as the case may be and spill their bait fish to cook on the cement.
I love this spot. Cheyenne does too but she likes the bait fish forgotten on the bridge. My dog the philistine.

My wife and I are planning a road trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Friday. I am looking forward to the break quite  a lot, especially as I have never been there before. It will be cold, fifty degrees we are told, but we will have nowhere to go and nothing to do except walk Cheyenne and seek out places to eat that aren't still closed and I am fantasizing about a few days on Ocracoke, and exploring the island chain well out of season, along with a road trip and watching my wife shop at Trader Joe's in Charleston on our way back. She is counting the days till the Miami store opens...

Which means this blog will be rather North Carolina oriented for a week or ten days. I have no doubt I will find lots to photograph in the Outer Banks and my observations will find their way here while my wife empties her mind of school related thoughts during her Spring Break week. Cheyenne I expect will quite like the change, even though she is not much of a fan of car trips.