Saturday, June 22, 2019


Situation Overview from the National Weather Service:
The combination of temperatures climbing to the lower 90s and dew points – the value of temperature at which the air becomes saturated with water vapor (thusly-named as dew begins to form on objects at that temperature) in the upper 70s may bring heat index values up to the 105 to 110-degree range for several hours on Saturday.
These values will push heat index into the DANGER category, mostly likely in a period between 1100 am and 400 pm. Sunstroke, muscle cramps and/or heat exhaustion will be likely, with heatstroke possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity.
I'm not sure how I feel about a heat warning for South Florida. It would be funny if it weren't weird. It's always hot around here but the weather forecasters say it could be dangerously hot this weekend? I don't recall a heat warning being issued before like this. Normally the Keys enjoy hghs in the 90s, hot enough I dare say but 110  degrees seems unnecessary.I'll probably still ride the scooter to the gym today at noon. 
I wish the Lower Keys shuttle bus ran more frequently especially since the air conditioning on the buses is phenomenal. You could wear a sweater onboard a local bus and be comfortable. There are suggestions on how to negotiate the heat and if any of the "tips" come as a surprise you probably have other far more serious issues in your life to deal with. Drink water, stay out of the sun, use air conditioning and don't touch hot things. Oh and don't suffocate children and pets in your parked car. If that needs to be said one might very well despair for the future of all humanity but some cretins manage every year  to do just that. If its all getting to you wear light clothing and rest. 
I must be mad but I am enjoying the bright sunlight. We had tremendous rains  earlier in the week and it's as though the dust has been washed from the air. Colors are brighter and everything looks crisp and clean. And hot. Mind you if you came to the Keys in summer expecting to find a chilly reception you are definitely not paying attention.
When I showed Nick this photograph and asked him if it seemed odd to  see stripper car in a handicapped spot, with all proper documentation, he looked at me rather severely and said no, there's something for every taste, and I retreated suitably chastised. I can't wait to be able to dump my handicapped  tag but I guess I'm hobbling for a few more weeks. Maybe I should check out the scrub club before the moment passes. Probably not.
Rusty and I spent the afternoon curled up on the bed, me reading and him snoring. My wife escaped the heat by flying to Chicago to see relatives so  those of us left behind will hunker down with Netflix and chill.  I am a funny guy.