Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Marilyn Monroe has put in an appearance in front of the Tropic Cinema, adding a festive note to Eaton Street, courtesy of the sculptor Seward Johnson.An alert reader pointed out that Jack riepe might feel deprived were he not able to take a particular look at this- quoting Chuck on Fleming now- bodacious blonde:And, driving home at night, around Mile Marker 16 we start to observe the three Ho Ho Ho Houses on Sugarloaf Key next to the airstrip. Always a cheerful reminder that the season of goodwill is on hand. Happy Christmas!

Channel Five Walk

This is the top of the Channel Five Bridge, Mile Marker 71, about 70 feet above the water looking north while travelling south paradoxically, and heading toward Long Key. This expanse of water to the west is called Long Key Bight which looks like a snug anchorage. It is quite shallow far in but the center of the bight (a bight is defined as wide bay by sailors) carries about four feet at low tide. I don't usually see any boats inside as most people like more than a few inches of water under their keels. Shallow draft boats are handy in the Keys.There is a convenient gravel parking area at the east side of the north end of the bridge on Long Key. It's actually convenient enough that I have seen more than one MCSO patrol car checking speeds on the slope down from the bridge. I stopped at the bridge to take Cheyenne for a walk.Cormorants resting on the base of a power pole. Even at rest they look speedy.There is a long line of poles paralleling the bridge:The bridge is the only viable channel for tall masts to cross from one side of the Keys to the other between Windley Key's Snake Creek drawbridge and the Seven Mile Bridge tall span on the west side of Marathon. The old railroad bridge makes for a pleasant half mile walk out to the channel itself.The wooden rails at the channel make a good resting spot for more birds.They cut the old Flagler bridge here and abandoned the piece that stretches out from Craig Key. More birds, amazingly enough.
And there, up above is the location of the Channel Five Bridge. I am not exactly sure where the other channels are though there is a channel two bridge, a more modest affair, nearby.
These modern cement spans are quite elegant in their way.
I was glad to get out of the wind and warm up in the sun while my Labrador rooted around.
The old and the new bridges, side by side. For a one hundred year old structure Flagler's bridge is amazingly solid.
And this is me driving my dog home on the Overseas Highway, here coming into the City of Layton (Mile Marker 69). From here to my home at Mile marker 27 will take about an hour, maybe a little less, and a very pleasant drive it is too, when all the Christmas tourists aren't clogging the road to Key West!