Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Old Town By Night

At night in Key West, in the early hours of the morning as the bars close and whatever crowds are left start to disperse, a certain lassitude falls over the 911 center. Well, I thought some fizzy caramel water loaded with caffeine might help. Especially if to get it I have to take a brisk ride in the fresh night air. 
That involved stopping along the way and looking at what there was to see under the occasional, strategically placed street light.
 Wherever you look in Key West's old town, especially  if you look through the lense of a camera.
Decorations of all sorts spring up, as though to counteract the irritatingly loose electrical installations, wires boxes and junctions danglig everywhere. 
 There was a for sale sign on the cottage below, and then they added a sold sign. Done and dusted.
 Catherine Street, a portent of summer, Spring Break is over and the kids have gone home. Lovely.
 The gates to my bank looking surprisngly medieval. The ATM next to it is quite modern. 
 Duval Street looking south from below Truman.
Empty as it should be at 4:30 in the morning. Back to work...