Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The old cutter Ingham makes for a great picture especially with the early morning sun illuminating the floating museum.
I was not alone enjoy the cool morning air... I got a cheerful greeting in response from the couple entwined in their hammock. Quite enterprising I thought, sleeping in this corner unseen by all except me and my dog.
I used the flash to give this weed growing out of a crack in a wall, an eerie underwater look. Everything human is on hold here while the future design of the park is decided by the city, so plants tend to creep on buildings not maintained.
I'd love to see the old warehouse restored. Some have suggested using it to house a community market, a plan derided by others.

These picnic tables looked photogenic to me. Tough they were lined up in a rather regimented way.

The channel marker shown below lines up with a shorter mark placed near the beach. It's when the two line up that a ship entering the Key West harbor channel knows it is safe in deep water. These aids to navigation still matter in a world filled with electronics. Piloting by landmarks is a useful skill especially when the electrons fail.
Navigation is what mariners do to find their way when out of sight of land; piloting is directing a boat by marks when in sight of land. Now you know. Cheyenne, like you, couldn't care one way or the other.
Here's another thing, a blocked drain. Flooding is a nice problem in Key West and will probably get worse now that planetary carbon dioxide limits have been measured above 400 parts per million for the first time. Blocked drains don't help. Climate change? What's that?
For now we are dry and the waterfront is undeveloped. Cool.