Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year And Nothing Changes

Thank you for following my blog for these past seven and a half years. I am looking forward to the same again.

Gas is not as cheap as it is in the rest of Dixie. Regular at $2.75 a gallon gets our attention in the Lower Keys.

The ET4 takes premium. Grr.
Cruising the south shore of the island made me want to pay a return visit to the East Martello Museum next to the airport.
In an effort to sneak some riding time between overtime shifts I have been playing scooter tag on  ADV Rider. This one got squeezed out by a quicker post: "Your Scooter by a TV location." I was going to use the MTV House on Key Haven:
I wasn't doing so well then I also missed the scooter by a gym picture...but I got out a bit and rode anyway. By the time I had the picture someone else had already posted.
Happy New Year Everyone!
If you are in Key West could you please not hit anyone, vomit in anyone's front yard, not fall down drunk on the sidewalk (it frightens the visitors), not drive drunk (I will take my car to work as a precaution) and try and remember you aren't as funny as you think you are when you are drunk. Much appreciated.