Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pinder Lane

J Wills Burke in his book Streets of Key West says the Pinder family was active in the Methodist Church in Key West which may, or may not account for the lane named after one of their number......finding itself so close to this lot:Which is not only an attractive brick pile, it is also a landmark on William Street:Pinder Lane is close by the church just off Fleming Street which is marked by the Island House for Men on the corner of William and Fleming:And there, between these two landmarks, is a modest gap in the picket fences and greenery:It's a pretty little alley as we shall see, but a realtor's sign brings a harsh note of reality to the alley. A complex of homes down this lane is being offered for $3.3 million. Even now.It's still free to park the Bonneville a moment and take a stroll:Old fashioned louvered windows, always my favorites:
An ultra-modern hurricane shutter made of translucent plastic. You can leave this new-fangled shutter up all summer and it won't turn your home into a rattly dark cave as the aluminum ones do.
These are the old- fangled wooden shutters, by way of contrast:Pinder Lane is the home of tropical greenery as one would expect in such a wealth- generating place:It had just finished showering when I arrived:J Burke Wills suggests this lane perhaps was named for William Pinder a member of the city council in 1911 and descendant of a hail-fellow-well-met Pinder who rejoiced in the name of Sylvanus and was nicknamed "King of Wreckers" for his abilities in that field.
All shuttered up with shutters and plywood and of course the obligatory "No Trespassing" sign just to make it clear.
A tin roof, not yet painted white even if the owners wanted to:
More No Trespassing. Don't they suppose the gate carries the message by clear implication?
A TV dish antenna to remind us Key West is Very Modern:And a final look back at William Street...
...where the Bonneville awaits out of sight where I parked it, more or less legally, not blocking delightful Pinder Lane.