Saturday, July 11, 2020

Robert Is Here

The original fruit stand was built in 1959 and here it still is, open and selling coronavirus notwithstanding.
However the fruit stand’s owner Robert,  isn't playing games and the service which is usually a wandering around gawping at weird fruit experience is now a drive through order by name experience. And very glad we were for it too.
I imagine this place was bursting July 4th but a few days later it was a straight drive through for our van. 
There were three drive up positions with a menu but I already knew I wanted  a strawberry shake while my wife went exotic with passionfruit, a peculiarly inaptly named thing which is more tart than sweet in my opinion. 
Robert is Here in the linked magazine article is described as located in "Florida's forgotten farmlands" which orotund oratory as usual is a little light on the facts. The fruit stand sits astride the road to Everglades National Park, a road that is rather poorly marked oddly enough. You'd think Homestead would make a fuss about being the gateway to one of the oddest and least understood park in the system  (my opinion) but electronic mapping will get you to this iconic fruit stand. 
My wife pondered her tropical choices for a bang up fruit salad while I looked around. Normally she would be working over the staff at the tables while I would wander outside with Rusty but coronavirus has changed everything of course. We were happy the store was taking its precautions so seriously as that gave us the opportunity to stop by. It makes travel just a bit more enjoyable tasting the local stuff. Gratuitous Rusty picture:
The process took our ten foot tall van on a path winding through the business, tortoises to the left of us and fruit to the right of us, as they have an exotic animal rescue area in the back. 
Gloves masks and fruit. Excellent service. I heard on the cashier’s two way radio that Robert was packing our order. The Robert? I asked. She nodded. Ok then...
The stuff you like to wander around and look at as part of the Robert experience is off limits for now. Bummer.
The main attraction is what counts. A rare treat and perfectly delicious as you might imagine.
So then if you have a van with some Kermit chairs you can social distance on a  levee of your choice and watch the world go by. People miss a lot of Florida by racing to Duval Street.
Rusty the explorer:

All enhanced by Robert and his Fruit.