Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Look Of The Thing

Those "Conch Pride" signs tell the story- sports is a big deal in Key West, home of the "fighting conchs." I like the small town feel these signs express, the part of Key West that belongs to families that have always lived here, who live apart and don't much care for the face Key West turns to the world.
I read in the paper the head of the Historic Architecture Review Commission is retiring. The suggestion was that his departure might end the practice of approving these weird additions to the Old Town uniformity of wooden homes and picket fences. 
This one further down Truman Avenue wouldn't be ugly in many places but it sue looks out of place to me.
 I like the beach towels drying, vacation time uder the bright orange petals of the poinciana. 
I like walking around town with a camera around my neck so I look like a tourist. People leave me alone and i fit in as I watch them all go by intent on squeezing their vacations dry. Make lots of memories though there is a lot more peculiar stuff in this town than a restaurant that makes sexual innuendos out of it's menu.
I am glad payphones are going away. I wish I hated my iPhone but I don't. I like my kindle app, my magazines online, my camera my maps and so forth. I don't miss the bad old days of hunting for quarters and asking directions and breaking the spines of  heavy books hauling them around in my backpack. I see a payphone and I fondle my iPhone happily.
 The gym at the St Mary's school. I thought the Catholics had gone all Kokopelli for a moment.
Here is how Old Town Key West should look.