Thursday, August 2, 2012

Casa Marina

Flowers neatly laid on stands almost as though they were for sale.

A pink house that matched my Crocs quite nicely. I don't suppose they'd have seen the joke, them and their "No Trespassing" sign.

This RV parked forever makes a useful little apartment as the weeds grow up around it.

It was painted by a well known man who styles himself the people's artist in Key West, teaching others his magical art.

Nature's magic is growing dates in a climate too cool and too damp to allow the fruit to mature. Abundant though, and I took this picture in color too.

The magic of thousands of clean sheets daily all across a city filled with beds only happens thanks to unseen hard work.

Lately too much rain has left too many scooter seats wet. Every morning I come out of work only to get a wet bum. I still prefer to ride than drive.

Rain works for Cheyenne as she finds refreshment everywhere.

Passers by find it odd that my dog drinks puddles. What do they expect her to do, put the kettle on? Which reminds me...

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