Friday, June 18, 2010

Rainy Downtown

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain, according to the speech coach. The rain in Key West comes and goes.

It was raining hard when my wife called me from home 27 miles east of my office. "Not raining here," I said and it never did rain in Key West. The next night we were having dinner with a friend and suddenly we heard the sound of water lashing the house. I looked out and had to take the camera to the porch. Key West in the rain is very evocative.Cheyenne is not fond of water and she was happy to sit at my feet and keep an eye on the water from a safe distance.The siding on the house across the street looked like a black and white film noir. Sam Spade should have been lurking there under a wet fedora.My fascination with night time rain was not shared by the neighbors.

This stray cat was huddling out the rain. Last I heard s/he had wormed it's way into the house. I like to think I shamed my hosts into doing it.

And then the rain had passed and all that was left was some damp roadway and shiny clean cars. Rain in the summer in Key West is perfect. It comes and goes in a hurry and and it leaves no mud nor temperatures low enough to allow you to see your breath. My kind of rainy season. The movie was Valentine's Day, a nice chick flick that ended the evening in companionable viewing. The sort of film you can chat through and make silly comments about. It was almost as good as sitting out on the porch in the rain for fifteen solitary minutes.