Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Small Excursion

I had Sunday off and my wife  suggested we go shopping for groceries in Marathon on the theory that Sunday evening in low tourist season would be a quiet time to travel the aisles. Let's air out the van I suggested. So we did. 
Van Life
We had spent Saturday and Sunday morning re-organizing the storage spaces in the van and in throwing out stuff we now consider superfluous. Thus re-packing the spaces we found we were running a heathy surplus of room. We have thought about adding a  storage box at the back which would increase the length of the 21 foot van by another couple of feet so our re-packing is an effort to prove to ourselves we need no more stuff. All will fit within. Which is a tall order for a retirement home on wheels of 72 square feet, but we might just manage.
From a brief dog walk on the waterfront at Old Bahia Honda on West Summerland Key we moved on to the goal of the 25 mile journey: Publix in Marathon. Which it turned out was packed with rather too many people for comfort. We zipped through the store, rejoicing in the fact we had turned on the fridge /freezer in the van and there would therefore be no rush to get home. Layne strolled through check out; I walked Rusty. The idea is for Rusty to learn the van is a source of fun and he has been showing greater enthusiasm and less fear of this weird noisy means of locomotion.
Florida Keys Dog Walking
Time's fun when you're having flies and by the time we got back on the road with a refrigerator full of food it was getting dark. The Seven Mile Bridge looked excellent and of course I'd left my camera at home to be more sociable with the family. iPhone to the rescue.
Florida Keys Sunset
My wife had the genial idea to stop on the way home and have some dinner. We have a convection oven/ microwave onboard along with all necessary implements to eat and drink. Easy peasy, we stopped by the water.
Florida Night
Home to bed after unloading the van and buttoning it up for the night. Rusty spent dinner curled up next to me on the settee preferring to be indoors in the air conditioning with us than outside in the 90 degree night. I was slightly surprised as he usually likes to roll in the grass. Maybe for all three of us the more we use it the more the van looks like home.
Our next planned excursion is a week in north Florida and the Panhandle for Thanksgiving. We are hoping for cooler weather so we can sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors from our home on wheels. Just like we did this summer in Michigan. Happy memories.