Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I left the house later than usual for Cheyenne's morning walk so the sun was higher in the sky than it should have been.

I couldn't help but notice the web spun across my dock.

I have read that spiders spin them fresh daily.

The mind of an ordinary mortal boggles.

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Celebrating Key West

The celebration at Mallory Square is mentioned in any piece of travel writing or advertising about Key West. And though it is far removed from the original gathering of Tennessee William's friends it remains a fun place to hang of an evening. I was there myself not so long ago, with my camera.

If you sit in the approaches to the square as the sun starts to head to the horizon you'll see a wild assortment of carts pulled by bicycles and mopeds and even cars heading towards their nightly jobs.

It's all part of the Duval Street thing that visitors come to see, the legendary bars on Key West's main drag.

They come in droves and bring their families and up and down they stroll.

I caught the little kid in her green hat glancing at the passing dog. Cheyenne has the same effect I notice even though my dog and I are far less butch than those striding along in the picture.

Spring breakers can be indistinguishable from regular beach goers.

Though locals tend to stand out by their bizarre costumes.

These cyclists look could be boaters as people who travel on the water like to use folding bikes for obvious reasons, as do folks in RVs.

She's riding the ever popular one speed beach cruiser, probably a rental.

Though rentals usually have a big sign on the front of the basket advertising their status.

Home sweet home.

Every day or at least for a while.

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