Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Return

Long rides in the car tire Rusty out and somehow he seems to know when we are coming home and intend to pull an all day jaunt to get deep into Florida at the end of the vacation. He sleeps hard when not in motion:
My wife has been away from home for nearly seven weeks straight and I made no bones about how empty the fridge would be after her sojourn in Italy and two weeks on the road with Rusty and I. So we stopped at Trader Joe's where Rusty and i went for a walk. I saw a European hair removal center and I wondered if this is where the Alt-Right comes to depiliate but I am told Europeans get their hair removed a particular way and non Europeans can do it too.
 Rain has been the order of the day in mainland Florida and we got our share with miraculously few accidents on I 95 running down the East Coast. I kept a long distance from the cars in front and was mildly surprised to get to Homestead with no stoppages. The worst I figured was to come as lobster mini season is in full swing this week in the Keys.
"No major incidents reported" was wonderful to see in Florida City but I could see lots of boat  trailers on the highway...Lobster mini season (so called) is two days of madness before the official commercial season begins. The idea is to allow residents who are not commercial fishermen to get a few lobsters for personal consumption. This mildly archaic practice has turned into a mad rush to get to the Keys, much to the delight of hoteliers, and plunder the inshore waters of anything that moves underwater. It has become effectively legalized poaching and serves only the visitor industry, not the environment or the commercial fishermen.  
 We took Card Sound Road to successfully avoid crowds and got a glimpse of the new Sunpass toll station coming together painfully slowly. So much the better as there is no toll right now...though I miss the toll takers of years past because I am sentimental at heart.
 We stopped as usual at the Shell station at the point where Card Sound Road and US 1 meet on Key Largo and I pulled out the spray that I had not used in two weeks Up North. Well and truly home I thought as I prepared to walk Rusty.
Then at Publix in Marathon I saw a line of giant trucks, well they look huge to me, and lobster mini season came to mind. Clogging the waterways and the roads. Grumpity grump.
 And then Rusty got his reward with a return to routine and early morning walking in places familiar to him, tail wagging, trotting along confident among his mangroves and salt water. 
 I am pretty sure he enjoys the cool air and thick grass Up North but those odd deciduous forests and strange noises are things he has not yet got used to. As a former stray he is quite used to the Florida heat, not that he minds resting in the air conditioning at home... 
 And so everything is back to normal.
Though I am planning a scooter ride for late next month, one final fling Up North in summer before hurricane season kicks in in earnest.
I don't think Rusty will thank me for leaving him behind but he is never far from my thoughts.