Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nature Walk Water

It's that thing about finding the right place to relax and unwind. In this case I was looking out across the water thinking about how much I enjoy looking at the ocean these days rather than bobbing about on it.To spend a couple of hours following my dog......looking out at the water......with the winds honking and the waves all ruffled up there is by contrast a certain serenity on the beach. Or, in the woods pausing to wait for the boss to catch up...
The Overseas Highway, inaudible with the wind at my back.
Looking for a late lunch...And despite the battering of the waves there were boats buzzing around offshore.
The radio tower on West Summerland.The scout camp.
The dog. My own waterfront garden:We located Jack riepe's missing penile implant. We were unable to lift it to package it for him so if anyone sees him let him know its washed up the beach here.
I turned my attention to Motorcyclist magazine and their glowing review of the Aprilia 750 while Cheyenne munched ona found doggie burger of some sort.
This really is a lovely spot. Too bad work beckons.