Thursday, December 27, 2018

Struggling To Walk

I am a lucky man.  I am back to walking the dog even though I need a walker to walk and I can’t go far. Christmas Eve I walked eight blocks in the course of an hour, collected a bunch of pictures and made my dog happy.  Pretty slick I think. 

I love being home in the Keys and watching Rusty walk. For a while there I doubted it might happen. Lying in ICU flat on your back unable to move doesn’t encourage much speculation about future dog walks. I knew I would do it if it were possible but to be here just four months later feels exceptionally good. 

I walked eight blocks in The Meafows over the course of an hour. I’ve posted some of my pictures here and there are more to come, Classic Key West street scenes! It’s good to see them through the viewfinder again. Spanish moss which doesn’t occur naturally this far south:

My wife’s sister’s family is here for a few days so we have to be your guides and stuff. They live in Asheville the hippest city in Appalachia so Key West has a lot to live up to except of course this place doesn’t give a damn. Recycling, very hip,is ignored as is solar energy and alternative transportation, all things dear to Asheville. I’ve given up explaining Florida, a state outsiders like to trash yet which I find fascinating. 

Most people see beaches overdeveloped suburbs and lack of elevation when they envision Florida. I’ve seen extraordinary sunrises over fields filled with cows, pine forests dappled by a setting sun and white rail fencing worthy of Kentucky horse country.  Yes there are alligators in the fresh waters of the Everglades and mosquitoes year round but for someone allergic to frost and who knows how to live better through chemistry Florida does just fine. This for instance is a naturally occurring Christmas wreath around a storm drain:  

Which reminds me Florida is known for being full of con artists and people fleeing in disrepute from lives Up North. Less so nowadays when modern communications make it harder to disappear just because you are a long way away. The internet makes it hard to sell abandoned swamp land as prime buildable real estate! Not impossible; just hard.  I feel like a con artist struggling to walk among the physically able  public.  I’ve always loved walking and to see myself struggling to put one foot in front of the other feels like it’s happening to someone else. I put my walker in the trunk and shuffle to the driver’s door clinging to the roof of the car like a dying man who feels his legs giving out from under him. Sometimes I forget to sit first and try to stick my leg in first, under the steering wheel. Sudden profound agony!!!  Twisting my formerly broken leg will bring burning electric pain just like it did getting out of the hospital bed. 

I can’t wait to be walking on my cane alone but that’s a pleasure I can enjoy only a few steps at a time right now. With the cane I roll like a drunken sailor, pushing off from one leg,then the other balancing precariously on the metal stick. I crossed the bank parking lot Sunday night while my wife bought burritos and walked Rusty. Walking back to the car from my seat on a low wall wore me out. Then my wife snapped this picture of me rolling back into the apartment with Rusty: 

Layne says the next few months will be the worst for me as I am impatient. Perhaps. I want to end the regimen of pills, I want to get back on the Broga mat,I want to walk without feeling each step.  Yes I am an impatient lucky man.