Monday, October 2, 2017

Damage And Not

Parking rules are suspended providing handicapped, driveways and danger are not a problem. Streets open and close at random around town as clean up continues. There has been some grumbling from the leadership of the city about people throwing stuff out that is not hurricane damaged. I think that might be a tough complaint to follow up on. Clean up is already tough enough on everyone. 
Nothing is quite back to normal. AS hard as one tries to ignore the weird bits.
 I am trying to look for color where I can. I am walking Rusty in his old haunts and he seems to enjoy them ignoring the devastation.
 But its there:
 Happily its mostly vegetation that's torn up.

 Dates never finish ripening here I'm told the humidity is to be blame. They are colorful though.

 Look at these old roofs, still standing. Old Town was built to last no matter what they tell you.
Trash everywhere and cars need fixing. I changed a car battery for a friend the afternoon I took these pictures:

And tourists are being enticed to return. I hope they are ready to be patient and keep their expectations low: