Wednesday, March 10, 2021

White Street Pier

When the north winds blow the shrimp boats duck south of Key West, and anchor in the smooth waters in the lee (downwind of) the island.  When you look at them head on they look like water buffalo grazing, with their shrimp net booms stuck out to the side to steady the boats at anchor.

With a cool fresh breeze blowing and bright sunshine this weekend was a perfect time to hang out at Higgs Beach and work on your tan.

Or to chase fish on the White Street Pier. 

I'm not sure the fish stood a chance with a pier full of fishing desperadoes.  

It was a great place to spend a lunch break away from the office.

And there was even one intrepid sailor sailing in the breeze, a wind strong enough to require but one sail to move smartly with the main furled.

There was fascinating stuff everywhere around the pier.

I sat with my back to the northeast wind and played with my camera  and soaked up some sun.

Not many masks in evidence but I wore mine. Though vaccinated I don't want to spread anything.

I was keeping the Vespa (for sale) at the police station and enjoying running it to "keep it fresh" for the new owner whoever he may be. He says he owns a pizza shop. We shall see if he comes through.