Saturday, October 10, 2020

Summerland Sunset

I realized with a  jolt that winter is closing in on us. I don't doubt that Up North this fact is being brought home with a  vengeance and traces of frost. Around here it remains strangely humid despite a fresh east wind blowing all day and all night as Hurricane Delta marched across the Gulf Of Mexico. It feels like it should be wintery and dry under crisp clear skies but it isn't.
Florida Keys Sunset
One indisputable fact is that days are getting shorter and I noticed that fact Thursday night when my wife worked late (from home) and Rusty's evening stroll was my responsibility.  By the time we drove to the trailhead it was ten minutes before seven and night was decidedly falling. Fat Albert, the Air Force Blimp on Cudjoe Key was silhouetted in the sunset.
Summerland Key Florida
A lobster fisherman's work is never done. They sit out in the shade and the heat repairing traps. It is in a way the agricultural work of the Keys, labor intensive and physical similar to my memories of work in the fields when I was growing up far inland. It was not my cup of tea so I ran away from the farm.
Florida Keys Fishing
Commercial boat names are not always comprehensible to me but I thought there was potential for beauty in the lines of this hull high and dry. The rest of the stuff was just colorful.
If you have the misfortune to find yourself lost at sea a red colored life ring could and should make you more visible. Failing that it makes for an effective if gaudy decoration on land.

This, below is what I think of as a winter sunset, a season when humidity is banished till summer and with the humidity go the clouds so the sky is clear. Which also cuts down the color and drama prevalent in summer sunsets. 
The rain keeps coming at random to remind me it's not actually the dry season yet. In two weeks we turn the clocks back and instead of dusk at seven we start to enjoy dusk at six, about the moment I leave the office. 
One thing I do miss in northern latitudes which I enjoyed in Michigan this past summer are the very long periods of twilight. The closer you get to the equator the less difference there is between summer and winter time and furthermore light and dark alternate very rapidly. Around here one minute it's daylight and the next it's night. Twilight is a very short part of the evening.
I am of the thought that year round daylight saving daytime would be good but I fear there are many unintended consequences that would accompany such a change. The European Union is trying to implement such a change so perhaps we can wait and see how the experiment goes. I have no children but daylight  saving time would give us extremely dark mornings all through winter  and I wonder how parents would deal with that for instance.
Winter cometh. Glad there is no frost to look forward to around here.