Friday, November 15, 2019

Flowers And Bikes

I was driving downtown and stopped opposite this five bedroom six bath mansion relatively speaking on Truman Avenue.I was surprised to see  a price reduced sign next to a for rent request on the same building. On looking it up we will find the price is around two point six million dollars for 3800 square feet. But in town where houses sell instantly this one isn't doing it. I wonder why.
I saw this mirror hanging on a  gate on Margaret Street and I managed to get a street view without myself in it peering into the viewfinder. Well done me!
A lone bicycle at the bike shop on Eaton Street...
And a newly saddled renter taking to the streets of Key West  from the rear of the same establishment. Imagine that, free to roam all day with no one to answer to...
The frangipani are so perfect they look fake.
Conch cottage with bicycles:
And without bicycles:
Key West always photogenic.