Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tortillaville Fish Tacos

There is a great new place to buy food to go in Big Pine Key. They call it Tortillaville and for a former California resident this Mexican food outlet is a welcome addition to the Lower Keys. It's a tad bit difficult to predict where they will be but weekends they seem to have settled in front of the Out of the Blue gift shop at Mile Marker 30.Brian is the male half of the outfit, taking orders while keeping an eye on the tortillas on the griddle.My wife and I enjoy their and shrimp fish tacos and the fish quesadilla was excellent also. My next step is to have a burrito. I am very fond of my Gaucho Ernesto Burrito at Badboy on Simonton but a California style burrito would be an enjoyable addition.Red white and green are the colors of Mexico. Apparently the health department in Monroe County ran them through a few hoops but all is properly licensed.This operation spends the summers in Hudson, New York wherever that is, and now spends winters in Big Pine. Key West apparently throws up a bunch of extra licensing hoops which preclude, at least for now, an appearance in the Southernmost City.Brian on the right, Allison on the left work in close quarters.Cheyenne thought this place had potential.She checked out the trash cans hopefully before settling down to wait with me.Brian says repeat business has been good, people like us like what they eat and come back for more. However business is not picking up as fast as they'd like, partly because local businesses don't see Tortillaville as a useful addition. They'd like to establish a circuit in the Lower Keys but it's slow in coming. Grrr.Heat, baby heat!I really want this place to be a permanent addition in winter months. Eating out is costly in hard times and it is a hell of a treat to spend six bucks each and get good food nicely prepared.Buzzing through Big Pine of a weekend this is what to look for.
Also you can check or check them out on Facebook and all that social media stuff that bores the pants off me.Tall Cathy was visiting our house when I got the call to pick up tacos on the way home from walking the dog. We spread the table on the porch and checked an assortment of fish and shrimp tacos. Eight at three dollars each. More than we could eat for twenty four bucks.Two tortillas, lots of fish and salsa. We added our own hot sauce and my wife likes to throw in some extra sour cream because she can.I liked the shrimp tacos okay but they got the big thumbs up from the wife and Cathy.Cathy actually came by to make critical comments about the growth of the garden on the deck, but tacos and Cheyenne won her over and she was quite polite about our growing efforts this year. Roll on the weekend, I say because I will be back for more tacos. And after lunch next weekend I expect my lounge chair will be free so I shall get to soak up a few more rays while I doze off my fish lunch. Hoping everyone Up North is enjoying their mammoth snow storm this week.