Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Summer In Winter

The good news is I read people bitching all the live long day about the crappy weather Up North. These would be the people who tell us trolls and hobbits scratching a living on these lumps of rock that it's great to watch the leaves change, blah...blah...blah. So how d'you like them seasonal apples?

We have seen a few winter nights in the mid sixties but no bone numbing plunges to fifty degrees this winter. Climate changed? It has around here but who am I to agree with scientists and other wackos? Next year it may get back to normal whatever weather that was, but I like year round summer. It's the devastating storms and weather extremes that are predicted by climate change scenarios that have me worried. Oh and rising sea levels. Some people might argue that losing ninety percent of Florida to rising water might be a good thing, but I'd miss this place were I alive to see it sink.

I tried not to stare too closely as this poor dude tried to park his black school bus ( "We need big trucks to haul the family!" ) in a space desgned to accommodate a Model T. I get my Bonneville back tonight after months in the shop creating an existential crisis for my hard working mechanic. Jiri is coping with family issues typical in these islands, spouses want to leave for better schools and larger homes and more shopping while the other half loves the community, the job and I hope he has reassembled the Bonneville right way up because I am frantic to get reacquainted with it. This winter weather is a sin to waste on car driving. Plus who needs parking issues like that shown above?

Winter sees cool fresh breezes snuffing out humidity. Doors and windows are open, the sounds of rustling palms accompany afternoons that would be summer-like Up North.

Some pictures need no words. Fleming House. A refugee center for people tired of being snowed under.

Cheyenne could use a little less summer in winter but she too enjoys the low humidity and the cooling breeze. Walking together is how we bond, and I'm told that while I was in Mouseland she was a lot less obsessive about walking.

Maybe she walks to please me. Probably not. She got engrossed with some smell on Carstens Lane and I and time to play with my Android camera. I've also discovered the crop and edit functions....oh dear, chaos will ensue.

There is some weird peephole function that also manages to intensify the richness of the colors.

Oh and this funky fairground mirror effect seemed suitable for this particular home. I have always been fascinated by the notion of having a mailbox out front stylized to reproduce the actual home behind. This effect seemed to magnify the house's decorative mailbox.

Fortunately Spring will be here soon, the streets will magically unclog, lines will fade from restaurants and the anonymous bitching column in the newspaper will change its tone once again. Less generalized complaints about parking noise and how things are done down here as opposed to up there, as people go back up there to complain about who knows what. For me summer means swimming sweating and solitude. I can't wait. Oh, except for hurricanes, they can keep those Up North this summer too, as far as I'm concerned.