Friday, June 1, 2018

Season For Storms

The rain came and went and more rain and wind followed and we had our first storm of the year. The National Hurricane Center called Alberto a "sub tropical storm" apparently something to do with how the winds formed into a cyclone. It was a bit too subtle for me. It spun, it produced strong winds and lots of rain and once again we found ourselves staring at a tropical storm display. Good enough.
60 mile per hour winds aren't that terrible if you aren't ina  tent or on a boat with a weak anchoring system. Yet the storm in the Western Caribbean had a disproportionately strong effect after the pasting we got from Hurricane irma and its 140 mph winds last September. This was a rain event:
The fact is the Atlantic Hurricane Season starts today and runs through November 30th. It is not unheard of storms to appear before and after those inflexible dates but it is unsettling when it happens. There was no fear of damage or death in Alberto's approach. The storm was more a reminder of what may yet be to come.
If you went through Irma last year you either evacuated and got frustrated you couldn't come home right away which was traumatic, or you stayed and watched the drama unfold in front of your eyes. Either way Iram left it's mark. No one wants that again yet an early season storm does not leave one feeling as though we might get through the summer unsscathed. Tropical or sub-tropical Alberto was viewed by many as a warning.
Some people couldn't take the tension and have left already. My wife mentioned a coupe of her acquaintances who packed up and went North. Over dinner Saturday night as winds outside the restaurant howled one of our friends said she couldn't take it anymore. Her husband insisted they aren't leaving the Keys but she looked very dubious.
My wife and I went to see the documentary on Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg listed only by her initials RBG... It was nice to see an obituary before the person in question is dead and she is very much alive at 84 and still happy to work. A life explained is a simple and certain thing, the ending is known and the plot to get there has already been unraveled. It made for a serene couple of hours at the Tropic Cinema. Then it was back out to Alberto.
Just a little rain, some discomfort, boredom perhaps in a town dedicated to the outdoors. There are museums and bars but rain seems to stop play in Key West. A time to reflect on the hurricane season to come, the desire for a crystal ball the hope that we shall look back and sigh gratefully that that went well.
I dropped off the Burgman for a new tire at the shop and my wife picked me up in the Fiat 500. Celia in sunny Arizona saw my Instagram post and remarked it was about time I was off the scooter and in a car. I suppose so but I always prefer two wheels to four.
But Rusty deal with adverse weather in the best way possible:
In the event of a hurricane he evacuates and I miss him.