Saturday, February 25, 2017

Aground In Key West

I took this picture for the scooter tag thread in the Adventure Rider motorcycle website but I liked it all leafless evocative of a northern winter. Deciduous trees tend to lose their leaves in winter in the Keys more I think because of the lack of rain and decreased hours of sunshine than for the presence of cold.
The Keyviche building on Caroline Street remains closed and unused, a tourist winter gone to waste. Surprising but true. They were said to have great fish but the prices reflected the quality and high prices are killers in this economy oriented eating town. You can still see the old flame holders from its previous incarnation as the Brazilian steak house chain Braza Lena.
 The newest CVS on Duval street continues to display the worst windows ever. I suppose they feel no need to entice shoppers in or beautify the street at all. All I can say is it was much dirtier when the building wasn't  occupied at all. 
 The souvenir shop across the street at the Conch Train station shows how it is done:
They do make a mess overnight around Duval Street. Before most people are awake the city's employees have it all clean and tidy again:
And the day starts again as the sleepers get up and start their aimless wanderings:
Someone was tidy as they drank:
 Mallory Square coming to life:
 Out in Key West harbor someone was waking up on a slant if the boat was even occupied: