Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Street View, Key West

I sat on the Courtyard Deli bench and watched the people wandering in and around and across the sidewalk in front of the Green Parrot Bar.
 A sip of coffee, a page from my novel and a couple of photos.
Whitehead Street connects  Mallory Square to the Southernmost Point by way of the Hemingway House so its a main tourist thoroughfare. 
Nekkid?  The beach is a straight shot from here down Southard Street to Fort Zachary Taylor. 

This weird guy was telling all the women who walked by that he loved them and he included a few of the men too.  Clearly he was harmless and offended no one but it was the kind of Key West encounter that gives the city "character" or grossness depending on your point of view.

 He liked this protoypical blonde and made his opinion audible from across the street.

Yeah, this is the place you want to be looking for people to look at.
 I have to say that when I got up and walked past him to my Vespa he had not a word for me, not one word of love.
Was it my manly demeanor or my pink Crocs and pink iPhone? We'll never know.


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