Friday, April 8, 2011

The Porch

My wife wanted to go on a date. Beer and movies sounded like a good idea to both of us. We could have chosen to go to one of those dank noisy dark places that "specialize" in gnat's piss on the 200 block of Duval or we could have chosen to go here:No television no piped music, just beer wine and conversation. I liked this place as soon as I stepped in. No clunky tourists waving drunken souvenirs in our faces either. The chalk board listed the beers on draft, including cider, and we asked for something not hoppy. there is a passion among hip brewers to make the strongest most bitter beer they can. It's like the hip fad of making red wines as dark and tannic and nasty as one can to impress the customers, or brewing coffee so dark and mouth puckering it tastes like battery acid. I got a Sam Adams Saison, mildly bitter but very smooth and my wife really liked her Namaste. "Hey, Michael" a voice called out. And there was Fred sipping a Chamay Blonde. "I can't fucking get rid of you!" he said cheerily and asked me to record his greeting verbatim. I have been training Fred in dispatch for quite a few weeks, an intense and intimate relationship learning the main police channel.Which I had to try in due course. The only shortcoming I saw at The Porch was the lack of salty nibbles so I hiked across the street and bought some chips at Mr Cheapies.The bar tender actually listened when I suggested chips go well with beer, in fact he took a hike and came back with a bag of bugles for himself... This is not your average beer parlor, not at all. There has to be a television somewhere I suppose but it was well out of my way. Plus you can sit outside if you want and watch the poor slobs being abused by live raucous music at The Bull across the street. while drinking Bud "Lite" and listening to small testicled bikers rumble by on their Harleys. Well, I exaggerate a bit, but the Porch is a really nice spot downtown. At the corner of Caroline and Duval it's not hard to find, though it is hard to leave. I felt quite at home on Duval with my pocket camera.But we had places to go and tickets to buy. Tomorrow night we go to the theater. Becky's New Car has received rave reviews from our friends and for some reason, my wife's busy season teaching probably, we are barely able to get in under the wire as tomorrow is the last show. I hate procrastinating but the Red Barn has done a bang up season this year and I will grasp every opportunity to go. The sun was setting over the roof tops as we emerged back onto Duval at the Hard Rock Café, which sits alongside the entrance to the Red Barn's cute little plaza. Wednesday night was my night off so full of beer and popcorn we watched Lincoln Lawyer which we both enjoyed. My wife the former public defender could only appreciate being a teacher these days after the movie reminded her of the trials and tribulations of the Law. Two hours in the dark and Key West was dark itself when we emerged from the Tropic. We paid $6:25 for four and a half hours parking at a meter just off Duval Street so when people tell you there is no parking in Old Town remind them this is a great time of year to be in Key West.Cheyenne was snoozing on the back seat, exhausted after another afternoon of strolling the streets of key West. But those are photos for another day.