Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Rain. Lots.

Rain is life. It's also bloody annoying. Especially when there is so much of it, amd on my days off to boot.  Annoying because it is of course all about me.
This week though I messed with the weather gods when I got a chance to work overtime today, so even though it is expected to continue to rain through Friday I shall be at work each day. So there.
It has been spectacular with black skies strong winds and slightly cooler temperatures. It is hunkering weather.
Weather like this has people saying stuff like "this is perfect weather to read a good book" as though a good book comes into its own in rain or sleet or snow or something. Any time and any weather is good for a book in my restricted world view. Bad books are never worth my time, no matter how ghastly the weather.
It is rotten weather for photography which is ironic as I was listening to a podcast from an English photographer who was recommending going out in rainy weather now that Fall is sweeping the British Isles with moisture. Good advice maybe for the Lake District, rotten advice for the Keys where landscapes come to life in sunshine.
There is no subtlety in the Keys, no lingering wisps of fog or gentle evening light because at these latitudes either everything is on and bright with laser sunlight or everything is off and looks like crap.
So to avoid flat white light and flat gray clouds when Rusty insisted he was good to walk I took the macro camera and made some close ups of bright shiny flora along the back roads.
My supply of obsolete mens' pink Crocs has dwindled so I save them for around the house but pretty soon it will take more than footwear to keep one walking through the increasingly deep puddles.
Sugarloaf Key was positively waterlogged much to the delight of the ibis seen stepping delicately through puddles seeking flood victims for their lunch
I saw myself in these bubbles.  Very weird.
You may think the Keys are colorful but this is what they look like during massive summer thunderstorms:
Rusty used to hate the rain, as I don't thing his previous owners looked after him much and once abandoned on the streets of Homestead he must have got soaked in this weather. But after four years of towels and fussing and dry beds he has a rather more balanced approach to getting wet. Shame really as I am not a huge fan of umbrella walking but he deserves it if he is ready to get wet. Rainwater makes him very fluffy once he dries.
Upstairs Layne was zooming her students, a noisy business in Spanglish and Adult Ed and computer literacy struggles so I retreated to the bowels of Gannet 2 in a  moment that reminded me of long cold wet winters in the small craft harbor on the boat I lived in, after which this interior is modeled slightly. In a sign that he is getting used to the van Rusty left the dry car port and came and joined me on his side of the van (my wife's usually as I have the side with the taller head clearance). I read my Kindle and he started snoring.
Hanging out in the van with Rusty and the sound of rain pattering on the roof makes me feel like a teenager in a  tree house away from the prying eyes of the grown ups. I think I am entering my second childhood and I want it to be better than the first.
Florida Keys Rain