Friday, August 21, 2020

Clouds Of A Morning

Summer is rainy season which isn't so bad when you consider how hot it gets around here. The rain comes and goes usually pretty fast as this isn't the land of prolonged gray skies and drizzle. But the net effect is lots of clouds and sparkling lightning shows at night.  Winter is blue skies and cooler temperatures and stronger breezes but the drama in the sky is in summer.


I very much enjoy Michael Kenna’s Instagram account where he takes landscape photos of great delicacy and simplicity frequently with an unfashionable soft focus.  His photos are Superb examples of a photographer giving free rein to an inner voice we can only see through his images. In defiance of Instagram norms I mediate on his pictures for minutes at a time most happily between 911 calls. Check this out and then add his Instagram account  to your list: 

All I can say is I tried.