Friday, December 27, 2019


I am home alone with Rusty which condition renders me grateful for our walks. 

Whitmarsh Lane

May the colors of Key West never grow less. There is something liberating about this town and it allows people to get quite creative with their color schemes. I'd never have credited olive green going well with bright pink but here we are and it looks good. 
Other places have lots to live up to when compared with the tropical colors of Key West. Which got me thinking about all those colors one gets to enjoy and not notice around town. I remember years ago reading an essay but someone living in Turkey and fed up with bougainvillea flowers. I still think back to that every time I see them because I like them. Pink on pink:
Fantasy Fest beads as decoration. originally these carnival beads were offered by people riding floats to women in the crowds to expose their chests. Now they have lost all meaning and end up being thrown everywhere as no particular reward at all.
Now this sign I liked  quite a  lot, hand painted for a bed and breakfast place they had two them posted in glorious technicolor detail not forgetting a depiction of the fragrant steam rising from a  freshly laid dog egg. Who could not be induced to love such perfection?
Especially when compared to this tedious mass produced signage. There must be quite a bit of undisciplined dog walking on Whitmarsh Lane. I hate people who don't pick up because my dog goes where theirs have gone and I seem to end up stepping in more than my share of forgotten abandoned eggs. Very annoying.
Green on green. Winter tropical colors continue to be noticed:
And of course blue on blue at the corner of Simonton and Olivia:
Winter is as much a  time of mellow fruitfulness as any other. because of my recent foray Up North to the land of winter twigs I appreciate full leafy branches all the more this time of year:
Pigeon Party on the Porch:
Dog, observed:
The observer and none too happy I think:
Unnoticed by a busy dog.