Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fantasy Meets The Weather

Fantasy Fest  2017  will have to go down in the history books as one of the unluckiest of all time. And considering it is under new management from whom one expects good things, it is excessively unfortunate.
That I am using pictures from Locals' Parades past speaks to the unhappy fact that I got called in to work early and couldn't stroll through the crowd with my camera. Grr. Anyway I am feeling more sorry for Fantasy Fest this year than I am for myself. On top of Hurricane Irma throwing everything for a loop we now have a tropical disturbance threatening to pound the grand parade with inches of rain, as the latest storm, currently labeled Number 18 sweeps north from Nicaragua.
Still, the show must go on and we shall see what the weather brings at the moment the parade begins... and who knows perhaps a dousing of rain will cheer everyone up by its total unfairness and lack of consideration. I mean what else could go wrong? At least its been a relatively uneventful affair thus far, ytoo bad the big event faces 50 mph winds and four inches of rain...