Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sandy's Not Sandy's

Cuban coffee just got complicated in Key West on White Street. So I stopped by when I saw the old Sandy's Cafe was open once again.
The Facebook page didn't lie apparently and Sandy's did move up the street one block south from the famous laundry location. The place has the same red and white awning and is now open for business.
So imagine the surprise when the old location, buttoned up for a day or two suddenly sprouted activity and coffee and everything. What....?  So when I came by and asked how come the confusion the guy at the counter said no confusion the Mexicans are down the street and this place is all Cuban, 5 am to 11 pm.  Okay then.
Indeed the fact that Key West's most well known cuban coffee location was run by Mexicans was always a source of amusement to me. I wasn't particularly fond of their few Mexican dishes and I stuck with basic Cuban sandwiches. Now those Mexican plates are gone on the new temporary menu:
I suppose I shall have to wander down to the "other Sandy's" or perhaps the original Sandy's or even the Mexican Sandy's and see how that place measures up with it's seating and everything. In fact while I was waiting a  woman came by to pick up her "to go order" and wasn't she confused when they didn't have it and they directed her down the street to the other Sandy's...I don' think this situation is tenable especially as the other lot has a second store on Fleming Street plus a brand new Food Truck driving around.
My cheese bread was quite good with lots of molten cheese and properly pressed bread (not crisped) while the coffee was not bitter like it used to be so my spontaneous lunch was better than I expected.  On that brief experiment the old old Sandy's gets a thumbs up.
Somewhere in this mess there is a messed up business contract or agreement or something but I can't  see how Key West can go on for very long without all these Sandy's ending up in front of the law which will have to decide who is called what. Until then I aim to enjoy the absurdity of the confusion.