Sunday, July 14, 2019

Old Town Villas

I don't suppose affordable housing was ever an option on a piece of land a block from the fleshpots of Duval Street, also a block from the alluring waters of the Key West Bight, known as the charming Historic Seaport. I think these townhomes were offered for something close to two million dollars if the grapevine was correct. Even though the term "affordable housing" has never been properly defined in Key West these homes were nowhere close.
The reason I perked up and noticed these townhomes was the sign out front. If you want one it's too late. It appears from the picture Mercedes Benz and Porsche cars are welcome here so that disqualifies me.
There is a certain uniformity to the design though the ground floor parking would be useful and might reduce parking complaints from irritated people who buy expensive homes and then discover they can't park close by. They call 911 oftentimes to complain so I know that situation bugs them.
 I'm not sure who the generator is for butit is raised properly as a reminder this area floods.
 And the sidewalk got torn up too. This section of Greene Street is a hive of activity.
 The townhomes dominate the horizon a bit.
 And yet lobster pots are still stored here in defiance of all modern attempts to deindustrialize Key West's waterfront. They can be smelly things lobster pots. I wonder how long they will last.
 Lots of people out booking boat trips. The townhomes are squarely where the action is.