Thursday, October 29, 2009

Names Of The Dead

This video, from the Congressional representative ofFlorida's 8th District (Eustis, of all places) shocked me for a couple of reasons. The first two names mentioned involved the two towns I have lived in and called home in the US. The second reason is that Representative Alan Grayson quotes 44,000 dead each year in the US thanks to the lack of health insurance. That's 120 people a day. I keep thinking of the rather unpleasant remark made by a former reader from Georgia, a man who claims to be a Christian and opposes health care reform on the fatuous grounds of "cost." He wrote to me once and said one should revisit Obama's plan in two years and see how bad things are. Reform very likely won't go the exact way I'd like but if we do wait two years to do anything, a hundred thousand Americans would be dead by then and countless more suffering horribly for lack of people like this self professed "Christian" giving a damn and demanding any kind of reform. I am reminded of Christ's remark to his disciples about giving a glass of water in His name... but I am not a Christian so what do I know?

It will I think be a cold day in Hell before a representative of the America's Health Industry stands before we the people and reads such a list. Damn the gummint for giving a damn!