Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Postcards From Bahia Honda

"Let's take Cheyenne for a walk at Bahia Honda!" my wife said. So we did.

The rangers at Bahia Honda don't like dogs. The park is well known for its beaches and dogs are FORBIDDEN on the beaches. Therefore when you and your wife drive in and pay your nine bucks for access to a slice of sandy heaven with Cheyenne on the back seat, the uniformed guardians of state park heaven who are required to let the dog in usually give you the third degree about no dogs on beaches. I preempted that speech by telling the uniform I needed no site map and the other bumf they toss in the car.

In a state filled with extraordinary strands the Keys fall short. There is no other way to put it. Beaches in the Keys are generally miserable affairs and some tourists are offended by their size and general lack of sand. If you want a world class beach fronted by still water check out southwest Florida. It you want modest wave action check out the east coast. If you want crystal clear water fronting a narrow strip of sand check out Bahia Honda.

We took Cheyenne up the old Flagler railroad bridge for the views and the hill climb...lovely views of course!

That's the Overseas Highway four lane bridge built in 1982:

This is the old 1912 railroad bridge converted to road use in 1938 and now left to crumble:

Seventy two degree water is too cold for us, but not for visitors:


Absurdly lovely. We sat and read our books and were glad we were here.

Key West Diary: Bahia Honda Beach

Key West Diary: Bahia Honda Images