Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Nature

I think this is a juvenile cardinal.  It was being monitored by an adult so I felt nudged in the direction of the juvenile label.
This isn't, but storks herons and ibis in the water always appeal to my lense.
Despite my aversion to sunset and sunrise cliches I cannot from time to time resist.
He was under the weather that day so I took him where there was grass and we hung around outdoors together. He likes grass and doesn't get to lay in it as much as he'd like.
"Sunrise on Fishing Boat"
Sprained dog hops into frame. We were moving slowly, me trying not to trip on he vines, him favoring an aching limb.
Then he had to rest his leg which he had  Ztwisted in a moment of inattention.

"Hope Springs Eternal."
Green heron. I think.
Brown dog. I'm pretty sure.
Sunlight on leaves producing y favorite color:
Summer clouds:
And its raining somewhere nearby.
Still as Glass.
I meant to focus on the tree and made a mess, focusing on the humans who interest me less than things natural..

Gone swimming:

Headshots no longer suffice for some realtors. 
After a doze or more years working nights tomorrow I start at six am for an unspecified amount of time. I have been too long a night bird they say. I was happy there I shall be happy doing days . I have no choice. For the good of the agency.