Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Night On The Street

The ubiquitous Key West bicycle, Schooner Wharf bar illuminated in the background:
Personalized licence plate ona  scooter, perhaps for a business: 
Reef Relief,  once  always heard from and after the founders left key West, not so much:
 Old fashioned air conditioning:
 Paradise: a palm in every yard and  Jeep in every driveway.
 I like the display without the distracting jewels, 300 block of Duval:
 Doesn't every one? I miss the camera shop that was here:
 Water going to waste. I guess it has been raining...
 A mild mannered mockingbird:
 They charge five bucks for coconuts in Key West. I am amazed what you can get away with.
 Kilwins, home of the chocolate covered Twinkie:
 Everybody needs help but wages never seem to rise:
 Urban garden:
 Tired dog:
Tired me, time for bed.