Friday, April 1, 2016

Big Pine Key

It was a muggy overcast day but I figured young Rusty is active enough and apparently unaffected by the heat so we went for a walk. He led the way.
He did his thing sniffing around and I did mine, finding splashes of color and texture in the pine and palmetto woods off Key Deer Boulevard:

I experimented with the panoramic mode on my iPhone camera and managed to take a picture, more or less, of a pine I couldn't otherwise fit into the viewfinder. Slick I thought.
 The trees have suffered disease and fire and are not the biggest of pines anyway.
Big Pine Key refers to the size of the island, the second largest in the Keys after Key Largo. Not the size of the trees.
And sometimes one comes across the remains of Key Deer, which I was pleased to note did not interest my dog. 
 Back to the Boulevard, the heat ever stronger.
Rusty and I plodded back to the car, the dog lurching nervously each time a car passed as though the noise might attack him 

 And so home to tea for me and sleep for Rusty. Well deserved.