Thursday, May 16, 2019

Key Lime Square

Sunset and Key West starts to light up. This little square is just off the 500 block of Southard Street visible in the distance. 
By day it would be hard to miss with its lime green sign.
It used to be well known for Lobos, a sandwich and wrap shop, but that closed as change once again struck a Key West institution.
Not to worry, one goes and in its place comes another. This tie the second expression of the rising star called Cuban Coffee Queen.
B y day it attracts customers as effectively as...
...the original coffee shop at The Bight, where boats are parked and tourists come and go. 
Cuban Coffee Queen is also busy roasting coffee astonishingly enough in Key Lime Square. Baby's Coffee started out doing that directly on Duval a few decades ago then they moved to Bay Point and moved their roasting operation to the mainland. Check this out:
We have friends who totally agree. Me? I prefer tea at home but I do drink coffee in public as I find not many coffee shops understand the necessity of a rolling boil when making tea. In any event I am told it's worth making the trek here to get coffee if you drink the stuff at home.
It has a rather satisfyingly industrial look with the giant chrome thing offering up coffee in the back of the tourist offerings up front. It looks real.
And of course their slogan brings it all home. Stupid...Faster...Established a decade ago. They must be doing something right in a town where change is endemic. 
Oh and A Cuban Coffee Queen sandwich is head and shoulders above a  late lamented Lobos wrap. Sorry but it is true.