Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Winter Cemetery

In winter on a  sunny afternoon there is nothing more restful than a walk through the bright ever colorful, evocative above ground cemetery.
 "Born in Cuba, 1839....Died in Cayo Hueso, 1887"

 Maybe I'm not paying attention but a bright orange iguana with a bizarre tail took me by surprise. 

 Like everywhere else in Old Town the cemetery is the flight path....
 Above ground graves as the water table is very close to the surface.
 Beautiful mower work.
 The cemetery has its own beauty of course but the pain of loss can hardly be overstated. 
 Am automotive rite of passage, but for some the passage never comes; eternal youth is their portion.
 The cemetery is undergoing some energetic restoration. Signs are everywhere.

I saw a ghost wandering the graves ahead of me. Where s/he came from I'm not sure. Not sure where s/he went either, except out of my life, if s/he was ever in it.