Saturday, June 4, 2016

Florida Mountains

This was the cloud that got me going, the dawn light after a rain storm, the sun hitting the tops of the cloud. I realized it was summer and clouds are back with all their moisture.
The stillness of the dawn over the mangroves and salt water on north Cudjoe Key.
The noted Florida landscape photographer Clyde Butcher calls clouds "Florida mountains" and he captures them in startling detail over the Everglades, his home turf. Taken from the web:
I couldn't go hear him talk when he last came to Key West (damned work!) but my wife went and got me a signed copy of his then-latest book. He wanders the swamps in waders carrying a huge old fashioned box camera on a  tripod and gets amazing pictures.
Me? I fart around with an iPhone and feel fortunate I don't have to stretch these images to fit a vast canvas.
It is quite the thing to have my dog rushing hither and yon and for myself to be standing there just looking.

A flash of fur and he's gone again. He does a good job of keeping an eye on me and making sure not to lose touch. He comes whenever I call him.

Luckily I remembered the mosquito repellent so I was quite comfortable.

My Clyde Butcher impression: