Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Church Street, Burlington

I fell in love with Burlington, at least I did on an 82 degree summer afternoon with a cool breeze blowing up the main drag, a pedestrian zone called Church Street. 
Oddly enough Rusty did too. This former street dog who used to be scared of his own shadow, never mind crowds and noise, tugged me back after I tried leading him away from Church Street. So we went back into the morass.
 A bizarre water fountain/work of art:
 A man playing music and having a grand time:
 Us on an actual park bench, the sort of thing that Key West doesn't allow in its public spaces.

I get annoyed going to Duval Street where there is nowhere to sit and watch people, nothing to do, no shared space. Check out the people just hanging out on Church Street:

These two smiled for the camera. They brought a footstool and climbed onto the rock and smiled cheerfully to passers by. To me they exemplified the cheerful ease of Burlington's gathering place.

 No drunks, no bums, no begging, no smells, just people enjoying the run up to the Fourth of July. 

 I have no idea what caught his attention:
There were also food trucks on the same street as restaurants and everyone seemed to coexist just fine. Key West has a long way to come to get this nice:

 They even welcome people from forty miles away:
I was not so charitably inclined after our experiences in the Quebec hospital. Earthbound Trading can be found on Duval Street too. The Lambretta was frosting on the visual cake for me:
 Full recycling/waste/ compost options are normal in Burlington.

I got my wife a get better soon card and this woman gave Rusty pets and a cookie. Dogs are welcome in many of the non-food stores.
The local ice cream shop didn't shy away from political statements in support of the usual stuff:
The lights mark the junction of College and Church where College drops another few blocks to the Lake Champlain waterfront.

A happy dog:

I wish Key West could do this, perhaps even in my lifetime.