Thursday, May 9, 2019

Around Town

There are several homes you'll find around Old Town with "Private Residence" pasted on the front  doors. In towns filled with tourists you can see why, I mean no one wants random visitors in their homes treating themselves to an authorized  tour. This one though looked heavily set up to repel intruders, with flower pots and all...
The famous figurehead hasn't featured on this page in a  while so here she is, illuminated buy the early morning sun:
Downstairs this useful reminder:
I love the old skylights in the tin roofs though I'm glad I don't have to live with them as heavy rain seeks out leaks in this climate.
I have been reading about late winter storms at the tail end of last month and I have tried to imagine a prolonged winter Up North. It just feels unfortunate hee.w here the seasons happily change very very little: 
Welcome and bugger off, from the mixed message department:
Bicycle as toilet roll holder at a bike shop:
Conch cottage:
Escape construction?
And no, I have no idea why he crossed the road:
This time of year it isn't so critical  when people stop in the road to chat. I was able to bide my time. 
Mind you slow drivers are endemic this spring on the highway. I commute at ten miles an hour under the speed limit which is not so very cool. Oh well.