Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harbor Pics

Today just a few pictures from an evening ramble on the edges of the Key West Bight. I'd be embarrassed to put up a poorly spelled sign, but my sensibilities are hardly universal as I have pointed out previously and the owner of this charter boat doesn't care at all that the sign is misspelled:Ah yes, the bearer of exotic vacations be they ever so short, on some deserted island. This was the ferry we took to the Dry Tortugas for Thanksgiving, an experience that lives on with pleasure in my memory. A quick glance at this yacht gives the impression the people are rather eccentrically taking their ease in the dinghy on the sun deck. I also was forced to wonder if any of them had ever actually been to St Vincent and the Grenadines, under whose flag of convenience they registered their boat. A tax ploy of course...Hoi polloi docked under the boring old flag of inconvenience for tax payers of more modest means. Not Gone Fishing, but lots to talk about anyway. Everyone should go shirtless in December.
If I were a pigeon I'd find a more comfortable perch but judging by the amount of guano this looks like a popular avian roost, angled as it is, under the eaves of the Turtle Museum (make a mental note to go check it out).
She later got in a dinghy and went out to some boat anchored somewhere.
A charter captain has to work the phone to make sure tomorrow isn't a bust.

And so after this brief panorama back to my landlocked home.