Friday, July 20, 2012

Rain Drops

It's raining all the time on and off. I come out of my lair after a morning of deep sleep and I am frequently astonished to find evidence of rainfall while I slept.

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Climate Change, Key West Style

It was a bit gray off to the southeast but Cheyenne needed a walk and I had brought her to town to do just that. So out we got and off we went in the Casa Marina district, the city's most expensive neighborhood.

Immediately Cheyenne hunted down and nailed some prey, tuning in her genetic wolf instincts.

A small dog snarled viciously from the safety of a passing bicycle basket. Cheyenne did her usual and ignored the provocation.

The weather was threatening and the strong cool breeze made it obvious rain was soon to follow.

Squeals sounded as beach goers, dressed to take advantage of salt water shuddered and ran for cover as though sulphuric acid were falling from the sky.

The visitors covered themselves in towels and ran out into the heavy rain. Cheyenne and I took cover under a tree and waited and watched.

A nice porch could have worked, and there wasn't a "No Trespassing" sign to be seen...

The rain fell, the tourists scattered getting soaked as they fled and peace returned to the street. We waited for the inevitable.

Another local took the falling water with aplomb. A ninety degree day becomes a 75 degree rain shower. This just isn't hypothermia country. And inevitably the rain will stop soon enough.

Conch train drivers, like letter carriers keep on going no matter the weather and their passengers get to wear yellow condoms.

Restaurants keep serving too so deliveries don't stop and you've got think this guy is happy to be here rather than say Minneapolis in January, if he thinks about it at all.

Louie's backyard has tons of fans thanks to their over the water deck, though I'm not one of them as I don't like being treated like a trespasser when I got for drinks or dinner. Going there in the rain sounds crazy to me, however several tourists asked me the way so they like it.

Out on the water hopeful snorkelers waited and rolled at the dock as the squall blew through.

Of course it blew over fast enough. Ten minutes later...

...Cheyenne and I were sticking to the tree covered side of the street to find some much needed shade. Key West's summer weather is like that.

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