Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Its been almost two years since I picked him up.
As the anniversary gets closer I am reminded each day how lucky we were to find each other.

We are a perfect fit:
I renamed him Rusty and we walk together a great deal:
He is curious, intelligent and eager to please. 
I leash him around people to avoid appearing anti-social ( I am),
But he has proved he can chew through a leash in micro-seconds if the mood takes him.
He lives a life unrestrained and lives with me because he wants to, not because he has to. 
I suppose the question is why wouldn't he want to?
I am very glad to have him. I wish more people would adopt dogs that other people don't want.
My neighbor marveled that he doesn't run away, assuming that because he was a stray he was a habitual runaway. I am inclined to blame cruel dog ownership for fleeing dogs. Treat them right and they clamor to live with you, in your lap, in your face. Adopted dogs are very well aware of life's cruelties and they are grateful in a way no puppy mill product sold like a life style accessory ever could be.