Saturday, May 20, 2017

Clouds For Summer

What a glorious morning it was around 6:40 still cool and no one around except me and Rusty.
The sun came up all right and I caught it low enough in the sky to create  some of those much liked golden effects, this time over the Old Bahia Honda bridge close up and the new bridge in the background. This is how lovely the morning was even if not quite the golden in color in real life.
 And the clouds are building and some of them like this one are dropping rain at random:
I love how the still waters in the heat of summer reflect the clouds on them: 

 Classic anvils towering up into the sky:
Slowly the clouds will grow, you'll see flashes of lightning everywhere after dark and you will sit there and wait for the relief  of the rain. 
 There's nothing like Florida in the summer.